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Tue 10/22/19 8:00PThe Suitcase/Der KofferAn die Musik


Tuesday, October 22, 2019

The Suitcase/Der Koffer

Chris Roberts and Duo Crveno

8:00 PM @ An die Musik

409 North Charles Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21201

Ticket Price: $15-$10

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The Suitcase/Der Koffer is a new music theatre performance exploring instability, cultural roots, and life somewhere in between...

In this multilingual music theatre work, a woman finds a suitcase filled with history, memories, and the remnants of a life in movement.

When composer Ljiljana Jovanović left her home in Belgrade to study music in Germany, her father’s suitcase in hand, she never imagined a journey through eight countries on three continents, as her country fragmented and neighbors became enemies. Twenty-seven years later, an unprecedented 70 million people have been forced from their homes, worldwide - over half of them, children. This work seeks connections among the journeys of those losing, finding, and reinventing what “home” might mean.

Neither concert, nor opera, nor play, nor performance art, The Suitcase/Der Koffer is influenced by all these forms, as three performers present objects, documents, events and images from the lives of the displaced, real and imagined. The composition includes sung and spoken text, improvisation and sound exploration through prepared alto sax and extended piano techniques, and the live performance is layered with prerecorded sound material - including the voices of children in many languages, bringing us fragments of other stories, other suitcases.

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